The Survey Research Center (SRC) was established on March 1, 1997 at Sungkyunkwan University in recognition of the increasing necessity for survey research in social science.

 The SRC embodies two basic missions of research and service. As its research mission, the Center generates new data that adhere to strict guidelines in conducting the survey. The SRC strongly believes that steady progress in social scientific knowledge is made possible by an accumulation of factual data sets that are faithful to rigorous empiricism.
  As its service mission, the Center disseminates new and existing survey data to an active network of scholars throughout the world. With its data archiving function, the SRC is pioneering the way to become a data-diffusion conveyer. The SRC also encourages curricular and extra-curricular field work surveys for undergraduate and graduate students.

Since its inception, the SRC has enjoyed the strong support of scholars from both inside and outside the academia.
  Particularly noteworthy is the implementation of the
Korean General Social Survey (KGSS) with the Samsung Economic Research Institute (SERI), a leading research institute in Korea. An agreement was reached between the SRC and SERI in December 2002 that the two institutions would cooperate together to implement KGSS's anually or biannually and co-participate in the International Social Survey Program (ISSP).
  The current emphasis of the SRC and SERI on fundamental survey-based data has put the two institutions in a position to consolidate and promote the KGSS with enthusiasm. The
National Opinion Research Center (NORC)
, an institute responsible for the GSS (General Social Survey) in the United States for the last thirty years, has continued to provide technical as well as moral support to the SRC in its implementation of the KGSS.





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